Pregis Films

McCrory was selected to provide design-build construction services for Pregis Films, a manufacturer of high-quality blown films for packaging applications. The 30,000-square-foot footprint with 102,000-square-foot of floorspace renovation was fast-tracked through design to allow McCrory to buy out the project ahead of material increases in early 2021.

McCrory, their designers, and the major subcontractors worked with the owner’s equipment vendors through BIM to fully coordinate the facility ahead of installation, saving the project time and money and eliminating the need for rework in the field. McCrory has worked closely with facility personnel to minimize interruptions to daily facility operations. 

“I have never experienced a project of this scale going from design in November to construction in March (plant design for me was usually 18+ months). I would have to say that there has been an exceptional amount of coordination... this design and construction would not have come nearly this far with its current level of accuracy without the BIM coordination and modeling efforts of McCrory.”

  • Design-Build 
  • 30,000-square-foot manufacturing plant footprint with 102,000+ floor space 
  • Fully coordinated BIM project 
  • Started demolition in January 2021 and set to be operational in September 2021