Flow Loop Training Facility

Employee training within nuclear energy settings requires highly specialized equipment and procedures. At the Oconee Nuclear Station, Duke Energy partnered with McCrory to improve an employee training facility where employees could interact with lookalike versions of the complex piping and pump systems they’d encounter inside the facility. 

“With thoughtful preconstruction planning even a highly demanding environment like nuclear can safely engineer value and efficiency."

Vice President — Preconstruction, McCrory; Retired

McCrory worked with facility personnel to craft an effective conceptual design that met the center’s goals and then installed a new flow loop training system — a web of piping, valves, pumps, equipment and instrumentation. The facility also gained a control room, briefing rooms, a training room, and locker rooms for employees. McCrory also installed the facility’s HVAC, electrical and telecom systems. Despite a challenging six-month timeline, the project finished significantly below the projected budget thanks to material savings and streamlined coordination of the schedule.

  • Simulated nuclear environment
  • Included complex mechanical, plumbing and pumping systems
  • Added employee education and locker rooms
  • Installed new telecom, HVAC and electrical to support training
  • Tight delivery timeline